“I think I had a dream about Dave Roberts last night.” -Me

“You need to go see a psychiatrist now?” -Brandon


Jabberwocky Dog

“Look at that dog.” -Joy
“It’s one of those jabberwockys we saw over there.” -Brandon


Boats Live in the Marina

“Have you ever been here? It’s the marina. It’s where boats live.” -Brandon

Walking with Ashlee into the Ludington marina.


Bread Sandwich

“I’m just gonna make a bread sandwich.” -Brandon


Stupid Cheeks

“We need to have stupid cheeks that get in the way of everything.” -Erik

Talking about dogs and them not having to wipe after going to the bathroom.



“When are you getting your worms taken care of?” -Brandon
“Worms?” -Me
“She has a worm appointment coming up.” -Brandon

Brandon asking our dog, Tequila, about her upcoming vet appointment.



“Your hair is crazy.” -Me
“These chips are making me feral!” -Brandon


Pillow Field

“Aim for all those pillows in that pillow field.” -Brandon

Talking about driver’s training and how to avoid a head-on collision by aiming for something soft.



“These are very sensual.” -Erik

Describing the pistachios he was eating.



“Does she insist on making herself ugly?” -Jessica

Talking about a girl from school.