Butt Hair

“I would worry if my butt hair came back as stubble.” -Jen

Talking about Brazilian waxes.



“It’s his goopleganger!” -Jen

Talking about someone’s doppleganger.



“We went in and she lifted up her couch cushion and cats were falling out!” -Hannah

Talking about a lady that had a lot of cats.


Moo Tank

“My moo-tank is on empty.” -Corey

“Well let’s fill it up!” -Ashlee



Weight Machine

“I just got a weight machine.” -Brandon

“I don’t even know what that means. I don’t work out.” -Kristen



Onion Feet

“Next time I get sick I’m putting an onion on my foot. I’ve┬áheard good things about that.” -Ashlee


The Nut and The Snaggle Tooth

“He cleaned up that nigger toe with his snaggle.” -Anonymous

Talking about how Brandon carved out a nut with his tooth.


Beard Pillow

“It’s like another pillow under my beard.” -Kenny

Talking about sleeping while having a big beard.