Do It Again!

“You ready to do it again?” -Brandon

Do it again! DO IT AGAIN!” -Seth

Seth getting very excited while playing around, and screaming about it before Brandon even finished talking.


Cinnamon Butt

“It’s butt is full of cinnamon!” -Brandon

Showing me a random picture of an ant.


Pillow Dog

“Look at that pillow she’s walking around.” -Brandon

Noticing a lady walking her dog that looked like a pillow.



“Did you even get proper nutrition as a fetus?” -Corey

Not sure of the context in which this was said.


Beautiful Man

“Oh he’s so beautiful! I want to marry him!” -Kenny

Talking about some guy at the bar.



You’re a moo-stitute.” -Corey

Calling me a prostitute that does moo-moo’s for him.


Moo 69

“Joy doesn’t know about the Foot Moo 69.” -Corey

Talking about getting massages while wrapped around each other.


Extension Methods

“I thought you were doing pops.” -Brandon

“What?” -Me

“Extension methods.” -Brandon

“What?!” -Me

“Possss…” -Brandon

Brandon talking to me in his sleep.