Erect Tail

“Look at that tail! That tail is erect!” -Corey

Talking about Luigi getting excited about being touched.



“I need someone to cuddle the backside of my cuddle when I cuddle.” -Corey

Talking about cuddling with Ashlee and multiple people in a bed.



” I don’t know him that well to just sit there and play with his ears.” -Hannah

Talking about a family member’s earlobes.



“Do you want a piece of cheese? Do ya?” -Jessica

Asking me while randomly jumping out of her chair to the kitchen.


Your Face!

“Well your face isn’t how this world is gonna stay!” -Corey

Corey yelling at Ashlee, making no sense.



“These are kind of squatchery.” -Mom

Looking at a bunch of stuffed animals at a yard sale.



“Some things never change with history. Icebergs stay the same. Polar bears: they’re the same.” -Mom

Talking about old child encyclopedias she was looking through.


Super Moo

“Speaking of moos, will you rub my feet?” -Corey

Corey asking Ashlee for a ‘massage’. See Moo-Moo.


Where Should I Sit?

“Do you want me to sit next to you or across from you? Do you want me to touch you with my feet or my hands?” -Erik

Talking to Jenny about where to sit at James Street Station.